Animating for Source Engine

I need help with animating my helicopter rotors for Source Engine.

The rotor is supposed to be exported four times;

  1. Reference file (The model itself)
  2. The Physbox file (Hard shape defining the collision box)
  3. The Idle Animation
  4. The Rotating Animation

Now I’ve tried animating the bone, the reference file, the physbox etc but I cannot get it to work in Hammer Editor. I can get the model in Hammer for use in Counter-Strike: Source just fine, but when I select the rotating sequence it just doesn’t work, the animation isn’t going on.

I was wondering if anyone here with source animating with blender experience could walk me through step by step on how to make this work; I’ve watched videos but they’re either on another 3d modeling program or outdated and do not contain any animation tips.

So I’d like someone to tell me how exactly to set up the armature, animation, SMD export settings, QC code line etc for the rotor to actually rotate in Hammer Editor (Same for collision box).

Any help ?