Animating frames that do not change

Wonder if anyone can help (hope this is the right Forum as i am new here).

Have been using Blender for a few months, and doing as many tutorials as i can.

Doing a tutorial now by Andrew Price at of a Logo Animation.

The animation is only 250 frames, BUT the for the first 100 frames everything is static. In other words it will be rendering the same scene (100 frames) exactly the same, until the actual movement of objects starts (after about 4 seconds)

Is there any way to speed it up or tell it the first ‘X’ amount of frames are identical ?

Of course i could use a very small amount of samples, but that will not give me decent outcome.

Or am i missing something silly being a newbie ? :slight_smile:

Many Thanks for any help given

You can render one frame and the rest and splice/edit it in the Video sequence editor. Most people I believe render images not video and then make video in the VSE latter anyway. This is better for editing and in case of a crash you do not need to start over and keeping a better format like PNG till you want the final render and if you need to use alpha.
Id render PNG and start at frame 99
Edit Also in a nothing-is-moving scene It may look good if the lighting changed ever so little sooo little some people like to add a slight camera shake but im not a big fan. Camera shake in movie footage is only there if they wish it and to me it looks real with none. start at frame 1

Many thanks for the reply. A friend of mine had almost the same idea. I rendered the first couple of frames into a folder, then copy/pasted them and renamed them all from 1-99, then started again at 100.

I am not very experienced with VSE, so i should get some practice.

Thanks again