Animating graffiti texture

So I’ve seen this new tutorial (see link below) on how to paint over textures which gives the effect of graffiti which got me wondering… how could you animate graffiti so it appears like it’s being written?

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s unique approach!

Thank you in advance.


I’m sure there’s some way with dynamic paint that’s easier. Outside of the fact that I know it exists, I’m not familiar with dynamic paint.

But you can also do this with a mask texture that you slowly move along a mesh by offsetting one of its UV coords. To make it easier, it’s best to have the mesh follow the shape of the graffiti, rather than just having the graffiti painted onto a plane.

In that picture, you just animate the value node to slide the mask (shown) along the texture, revealing the “paint” image. The mesh is just made quickly with an extruded curve.