Animating hair/fur

I’ve been messing around the settings for hair and fur, but just can’t seem get past issue I’ve been having. Very moment I turn dynamics on so I can have a more realistic movement it starts bouncing all over and into the mesh. I tried adding collision factor to the mesh and hair still goes through it. At points of the animation, hair will start growing to outragous lengths, well beyond the length told to do and start flinging random directions. If I turn dynamics off, it just sits where ever was originaly placed. Of course, that’s not what want, I would like have the fur shake slightly and waver with motions much like real fur and hair would. That all beign said, anyone with good sugestions on how place settings correctly for moving hair/fur?

As I understand it, 2.5x has yet no code for hair/mesh collision. The wiki page ( suggests “faking it”, for example with force-fields using sharp falloff (to repel hair from skin). However, no one would be more pleased than I to find out my knowledge is out of date. Please if anyone knows the development status of hair/mesh collisions, let us know when we could expect to see some progress. If it’s not on the drawing board, let us know that too; I can spend time worrying about other things and enhance my force-field expertise :slight_smile:

So pretty much… Doing any form animation with hair/fur is pointless? Guess I’ll play around and try figure this forcefeild thing out, somethin not messed with prior.