animating head

Hello everyone. First off I would like to say that I am new to this modeling stuff, but I have this great idea for a movie, so here I am, learning. Before I logged in I fould this great tutorial on how to make a head that was easily configured and animated. I saved the background that was called loops and figured out how to paste it as the background in blender but when the instructions said to trace the verts exacty as was shown I couldn’t figure out how. After I figured out how to log in(forgot password :-? ) I couldn’t find the posting. I’ve include the background image. If anyone knows where this posting is and or how to trace the lines in the image could you help me out please? :expressionless:

If you wana trace some lines, add a cube, select all in editmode, hit del and select all to get a clean mesh.

Still in editmode with vertex select mode turned on you can hold ctrl and leftclick to create new vertices, if an vertex is selcted while you click ,an edge will be created between this one and the new one.

Thats the way i do it…