Animating Help

I’m having some trouble animating some things. When I try to get it to rotate, it just doesn’t do it right past 90 degrees. Please help me. I have a line to get this done.

One of the problems is that when I duplicate an object that already has IPO curves for animation, and I delete the curves and add a new one, it changes both objects curves. There are also some other wierd things too.

When you duplicate an obj, look in the IPO window menu and ObIpo will have a 2 (or however many duplicates) to the right of it. (by the way there’s an annimation forum where you should post this) Click that 2 and make it single user, then give it a decent name, something other than ObIpo.001.

When you rotate the Object and hit I to Keyframe, rotate in fractions, like 45 deg, not a full 360. That way blender knows which way you’re rotating it. To be more precise hit N and use the Transform Tab to rotate it. That way only the axii you actually keyframe will be moved.


Thanks :smiley: . That helped and sorry about posting in the wrong place.