Animating in blender game

Hi, I’m quite new to blender and I’m currently making some very basic AI’s but how I don’t want to use armatures but I want to animate them walking. Please tell me how I would go about doing this.

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This sounds a little bit like … who to walk without using legs?

A game is just entertainment. You do not need physically correct simulated walking. Just move a box around an environment. Do something that it looks like walking. This can even be an animated texture.

You can do a guided rag doll, but not really as a beginner.
You may want to think about your game and decide if you really need this feature, since it would take weeks to get it to work, you’d have to ask a lot of people for help, and at the end of it you probably wouldn’t understand that well how the system worked and anyway, would be better learning some other basics such as AI or player control.

Armature animation is pretty good, it works for 90% of situations.

why dont you want to use armatures?

I think* procedural animation is what you meant, it can be done with or without an armature, this is either trivial or impossible to do depending on your python skill