Animating In Blender Slows down my computer.

Hi I am having issues with blender.Whenever I try to animate a character in blender it takes forever to select a bone and pose the character. To put it simply my computer sort of lags. I was thinking up grading my RAM I have about 4gb of Ram and im thinking of upgrading to 6-8 gb. Would that help. Please respond I am an aspiring animator and i want to create my first short film before summer ends.

I guess GPU whatever it may be a laptop or desktop GPU or display (GPU) driver bug; suggestion reinstall display driver if possible additionally of course double check that you re-install the latest version. If that does not stop lagging the machines components need upgrading. Blender doesn’t use any RAM, if you have 4 gigs that is plenty.

I have the same issue if i put too many objects on the same layer. try put you’r mesh + Armature on a separate layer and just animate them them there. then Shift click all layers you want to render out and it should reduce a lot of that lag.