animating in pov-ray?

does anyone know if pov-ray is ONLY good for ratracing and rendering, or is it also good for animating as well?

I think it’s good for animating, I’ve made lots of animations with it. It’s a little tricky to get the hang of, since it’s all script based, though. Also, it only generates sequences of still images, you have to use an external program (I use VideoMach, mostly) to assemble the images into an mpeg, AVI or Quicktime file.

I’ve been using it for about ten years now, and I love it.

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It can take weeks to render animation with that tool :slight_smile:

But I like Pov-ray too! When I started to get tired of it (mostly because the long render times) I switched to coughs Blender (Yup, that’s my story, hah).
I even managed to model (type) a human looking face in Pov-Ray using triangles.
I followed the TorQ’s tutorial (A better face tutorial) :cool: as you can see.

Here’s the link!

You will ask why i did that? The answer is simple… Because :smiley: