Animating jumping over the head with some not proportional character

Hi all!
I am now animating a character with a large head. It will be exported to fbx. I made a simple rig, here it is:

In fact it is a starting pose for animation.
And some time later (after having a series of animations for the rig), I am told to make jumping like salto. So here is the problem)
In the middle of jump, I rotate character around main bone (you can see it… eem… between his legs). And of course it rotates around ass, but not a head :slight_smile:
How can I make him rotate around head without making global changes to the rig and without per-frame animation of middle bone position?
Thank you!

Add an empty at the pivot point - object parent the armature to the empty and then rotate the empty - the armature will rotate with it.

Cheers, Clock.

Thank You! I resolved the problem by changing position of pivot side of main bone. Here is the new rig:

Good alternative, i did not want to suggest this as it might have screwed up something else in your animation…

Cheers, Clock.