Animating Layer Movements in 2.5

Hey all,

I used to be able to animate the movement of objects between layers very easily with Blender 2.4x. But while I can now animate which layer shows (which is awesome) I can’t seem to find a way of animating objects moving from one layer to another in 2.5x. All my internet searches only pull up 2.4x stuff, or earlier. What am I missing, or is this no longer possible?


It isn’t possible at the moment, I don’t know whether it will be brought back. The alternative in 2.5 is to animate the restrict visibility and restrict renderability of the object.

You can do this in 2.5x
Select your object and in the Properties window in the Object / Relations panel you can keyframe the layer the object is on by right clicking on the layers boxes and selecting Insert Keyframes.
There was a bug in earlier betas (and it apperas still in 2.55) where when you change the layer the object is on, the object appears on both the original and new layer for that one frame.

Richard, you are fantastic thank you. I figured it had to be possible since everything is possible to be animated now,but I couldn’t figure out where it would appear to start the process. That is perfect. You have saved me hours of “work-around” time.