Animating Layers

Anybody know how to animated layers in the latest version of Blender? It seems you can no longer insert I and set a keyframe using the boxes under Relations in Objects.

Can’t do that anymore. Animate object visibility instead (outliner).

OK, thanks for the quick reply!

Yeah? But what if one in v2.66 tries to hide an entire lump of objects – a group, different textures and geometry modes – attempting them disappear from one frame to another? You cant do that! Only single objects appears to be manipulated. Its very cumbersome to click and hide every single item. The layer-animation thing seems to have been the only rational way.

Do anyone have an idea of a decent alternative?

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Ctrl+L -> animation data to link visibility keyframes from active to selected might do it.

JA12: Thanks for your kind answer! May I ask you again?

I’m still confused:
Do you mean, that I can set a linked group(active) to reproduce same behaviour (“visibilityness”) as the selected? Thus meaning they’ll disappear together on command?

Doing so (ctrl-L > animation data) I still cannot make the entire group/link to dissappear, when I click eye/kameraicon in Outliner.

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What I mean is this.

Here I’ve keyframed the visibility of the first cube in the outliner by hovering mouse cursor over the visibility icon in the outliner (both viewport and render in this case) and pressing I to insert a keyframe. Then moving on the timeline and hiding the object from those icons and keyframing both again.
Advancing on the timeline hides the first cube.

Here I have selected the first row of cubes, selecting the first one last to make it the active selection and pressing Ctrl+L and linking animation data to selected cubes. Now advancing on the timeline hides the first row of cubes.

JA12: You definitely made my day! :smiley:

I tried to replicate exactly what you wrote and it just worked great! Thanks for your generous instructions.

Kind regards and best wishes for the weekend from Mikael