Animating material-color problems

So, i wanted to enhance my rig by adding a ctrl to change(action constraint) the material-color of the mesh. i Wanted to use same rig linked in but with a simple ctrl i would chance the color resulting in rig that locks different(mesh color wise)

-i animated the view-port and diffuse-color swatch for my mesh, but for my amazement when i changed the action(created a New one) in action-editor, the timeline movement still had effect on my mesh (still changed the colors)… this is the same for both cycles and internal render, although imho this should be a bug(a disconnected action shouldn’t have any influence on my rig). this really looks like a feature that is not implemented yet :frowning:
(if i try to delete, only the color keys in the New action it deletes from the color-action too)

does anyone know if this indeed a design thing, or a bug, or what the heck i’m doing wrong…

try reproducing it in a scaled down test file and post the file.

cube-color.blend (490 KB)

i kinda figure it out, material-node (color) isn’t part of an action strip (and can’t be seen in action editor), although it can be seen/modif in graph-edit and dopesheet

-is there a work around this???

-i want to animate color in scene, on a rig control, without going to node-editor view (or an after effect composition), or get into material proprieties tab… i want something linked to a bone-control animation ready;

kinda sad, i wanted to have a ball that display change of emotion by changing color, and why not have it controlled to a link-able(reference) rig

You have a can bone driver for mixing colors, or anything really.

driver it is! thanks :wink:

thanks man