Animating Material IPOs individually

Example: I have a 5x5 array of spheres all with the same material. I want to make the spheres flash different colors individually.

How can I do this? I tried IPO colors for the material but it links them all to the same block so they all change colors in sync. I would like a solution that is not my last resort of making all 25 (might become more later on in the project) different materials because I think I will be modifying the base of the material (the not-color parts) later on.


You have to make an individual material for each unique color you want.

You may want to consider a script link for controlling color, like this demo file.

The position of the empty controls the color of the spheres.


color_balls_via_sciptlink.blend (57.3 KB)

Oh dear, that’s disappointing… Well, thanks for clarifying.
If anyone can think of a work-around don’t hesitate to post!

Also, another related question…
I think I saw this somewhere recently but can’t remember:
Is there a way to apply a change to multiple different materials?. ex: Set the spec color or IOR of two different tinted windows.

CTRL-L will allow you to link a material from one object to all other objects. So You can make the change on one object then link it to all others. But if the objects are linked anyway, they will receive the change automatically.