Animating Material Links.

Hello, I have been unable to find a way to do this in the manual that works. How would i animate the material of a mesh?
For example, you have a mesh for the top of a police car, over time, you would need the material to go from Red to Blue to give the right effect. So you would have 2 materials, red and blue, and switch the material link between the 2 over time.
Any help is appreciated, thanks
With your cursor in the Material panel, hit I. advance a few frames, change the color, and hit I again. In the IPO window, switch to the Material IPO curves and check out the RGB curves. You’ll get it.

Thanks, i was confused about how to get those options. however that keeps it for the entire material, if i have let’s say 20 lights that need to switch colors to produce a chaser effect, i would need 20 materials, is there a way to just switch the material so i only need 2?

Use the same material for half the lights and another material for the other half? Instead of creating 20 materials, just create 2 material, and link one of them to 10 lights and another to the other 10.

Screenshot perhaps of what you’re busy with? I’m not sure of a way to animated material indexes, but you can edit the material properties.

See PapaSmurf’s comment

if you were using the GE you could use tiling and just have one tile one color and another tile another color.

Another idea, perhaps have two objects, one in front of the other, both with different colors. Then just move the one in front, then behind then in front etc.

Or one object with two colors and turn it.

If your light bar is all one object, you can map a blend texture with a sharp colorband to the position of an Empty. Animate the empty’s position to animate the texture. Use Constant interpolation on the empty’s IPO to make the light jump, rather than sliding along continuously. This is really only applicable to straight objects like police light bars; I don’t think it would work for a flexible string of lights like Christmas bulbs.