Animating Materials' Colors / Alpha?

Hey, there. I was wondering if animating material colors and alpha is now broken as of Blender 2.70a-ish? I thought you could animate material colors and its alpha value by moving the mouse over the diffuse color and alpha slider and pressing I to insert keyframes. However, now it seems that Blender shoots this on over to “material actions” and not actual “object actions”…? Not sure if this is a bug, my lack of understanding, or perhaps simply a feature that quietly lost support somewhere along the way?

Material F-curve support has never been implemented for GLSL shading, though I think Moguri has a patch in code review that fixes this in preparation for the removal of the multitexture mode.

You can use the object color attribute though if you need it right now (in the object panels).

Oh hey, I just now got what you were talking about, haha. Thanks, Ace.

So, can we animate material color in the future?

Maybe eventually, but not right now. Ace’s proposed workaround is to just animate the object’s color, which can be found in the object tab (which is fine for my purposes).

Get it! Thanks!