Animating Monster Drool

Hey there everyone!

I’ve been trying to create strings of drool for a monster dog that opens their mouth (mostly just prototypes, to see if I could get it working somehow, but scrapped those, seeing as they didn’t work.)

Basically the strings of drool would be attached to the upper and lower teeth and would ‘sever’ at one point in the animation, basically dissipating into nothingness. The core question here is, how would I make such an effect? I’ve been thinking of using the shrinkwrap modifier however that didn’t provide me with the results I expected.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you have a good day onwards :slight_smile:

if the shot is not too long and doesn’t keep showing up,
i would suggest simply doing it with thinned out polygons and shape keys,
it would often be the more intuitive too (easiest to match what you want)

it is not the coolest set up but can often be more effective than
tuning particle/ dynamic systems for ages and then show for a couple of seconds-
(and still be not 100% happy about the result)

if you must do it “realistically” (with simulations n such),
look for the Fluid Viscosity settings and “honey” tutorials for version 2.9+
although in “real world” scenarios the drool would probably drip instead of simply disappear.
so more tweakings there too.

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Thank you bunches for the suggestions! Gonna give these things a try later on once I come back home.