animating more than one object

how do I animate more than one object in an animation? I have a ball bouncing, but I wanted to tilt the plane I have it sitting on and have it roll off-screen, but it won’t work. I have the whole ball bouncing animation done, so I go back tot he appropriate frame and change the rotation of the plane, then select rot under “i”. But instead of just changing it for that frame, it changes it for all the frames.

this is expected behavior and basic cg animation. If you want an object to move, you need at least 2 keyframes - set one with the plane in the starting position (say at frame 1), and one for the end position (at a later frame of course). The software will interpolate between them. It’s different from animating on paper in the corner of your notebook.

Thanks but I don’t understand at all…

Go to frame 1. Make sure plane is in starting position. I key-> Rot. Move to frame where rotation will end. Rotate plane to final position. I key -> Rot. Done.

When the wiki is back up you should read about the basics of animation.

So it will automatically rotate it each frame?

yes blender will interpolate (make a smooth motion) between the two keyframed positions

ok thanks :slight_smile: