Animating more than one texture offset??

In the IPO window, there’s only three channels, XYZ, for a texture offset. But once you animate one and set the curve type to cyclic extrapolation (at least that’s what I’m trying to do) you can’t access any other texture offsets in the IPO window.

Sure you can set keys for different ones, but only the first one will appear in the IPO window.

I am not sure what you are having difficulties with. I’ve attached an example where I animated the Offs value of X Y and Z. the X and Y I put to cyclic extrapolation and Z I just put to constant.

Could you post a .blend of what you’re having trouble with?


Tex_Offs.blend (142 KB)

See the little number next to the Ipo-Type drop down box? 0 is for texture no. 1, 1 for 2 and so fort.


You completely misunderstood my post.

Anyway, thanks Soil, that helped.