Animating multiple objects

I am new to Blender but so far I like what I see.

I have so far been able to create models, rig them, animate them and save them to an avi.

I have one question. I have two models in two different .blend files and I can’t seem to figure out how to animate them together in the same scene. Must be something dumb.

I have been through a lot of tutorials, maybe I missed this somewhere along the way.

should the two models be in the same .blend file yet in different scenes? See the scene dropdown menu at the top. Maybe I just haven’t looked enough, but the scenes concept doesn’t seem to get much attention.
Look here:
Other than that, i don’t know of any way to link and sync objects from two different .blend files though the idea is interesting.

if you click file->append (shift + f1) you can import objects from another .blend file into the current one

everything is seperate though (armatures to meshes, etc. even lamps and cameras are in there) so maybe try to de-clutter it before doing ti