animating my first character rig...

just got done building my first character rig and doing a test animation with it for a model i worked on last year…

oh, yeah, editing was also done in blender. no compositing for this shot.

Good work friend. The most obvious choice for improvement is to speed up the jump. Right now the lamp floats down without a normal sense of gravity. “It’s all in the timing and the spacing.”

Haha, Luxo Jr. looks great!

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to improve on it tonight and repost!

very nice work. specially for your first.

That was pretty good! My only quirk is the frame right before the lamp lands, I don’t think he’s quite far enough forward to be at that angle. But the armature work on the hinges is definitely commendable.

Pretty cool for the first rig.
i lol’d at this cont emporary art when it turned. haha.