Animating my spaceship

When I animate my space ship I can only know the time expent in each frame during the render.

How can I know the total time expent in the animation render process? Please download the blend file bellow and check the Render configuration and if were possible tell me how could I know the total time of the animation render process.

I took around 1 second per frame in my AMD 2400+ (500MB Ram) but I´d like to know exactly how many time I expent in the full animation render process.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tio Ilmo

One second per frame is nothing! People (sic) usually start looking for cost/benefit trade-offs when it gets to be more than an hour per frame.

That might be difficult to understand in Portugese so another way to say it is "what are you prepared to loose [cost](reflections, shadow quality, materials and textures) to gain [benefit] .007 of a second on each frame (or 1.75 seconds for every ten seconds of rendered footage)?