Animating object color opacity

I’m making some clip art animation, basically just moving around a bunch of transparent png images.

Some of them, I’m trying to use Object Properties -> object color to adjust the opacity over time.
It displays basically correctly in texture view mode, but it will not render correctly… The object color setting seems to be ignored.
All my materials are set shadeless, with z transparency, and I’m using “blender render” as the renderer.

I’ve used object->color to animate opacity in the game engine… Is there some way to make it work with “blender render”?

I can do most of what I want by animating visibility, but I only realized the animation of opacity wasn’t working after doing a lot of work.

for rendering purposes, go into materials for your object, check the transparency checkbox, hover your mouse over the field for ‘alpha’ and press ‘I’. That will set a keyframe for the alpha value. Now move ahead a few frames, turn down the alpha value, and make another keyframe. Your material will now go from solid to transparent as you advance frames.
(edit) btw, you can do this with most any value.

That only appears to control if the alpha channel in the image renders as solid or not.

I figured out a way that works. Under texture tab (not material), one can animate alpha in the Influence section.

So does the color under object tab just get ignored on rendering? There’s no way to make that do the same thing?

I tried keying the color in object buttons, and it doesn’t seem to work for me either, but it works fine in both display and render if done in materials.