Animating objects or text

In an older version of Blender, you could click on the eye of an object or text to hide it, and holding the mouse over the top of the eye you could enter a keyframe so that the object or text don’t appear in that frame. Then you could go another frame, click the eye to unhide the object or text and then holding the mouse over top of the eye again, press i to enter a keyframe … Then when you played the animation, the beginning you would not see the object or text… then at a later frame, the object or text would appear… Is there a way to do this in Blender 2.83 I was trying to make the text appear in frame 51… in this version of Blender, not able to enter a keyframe for the ‘eye’

Hi, It’s not the eye anymore but another icon.
It’s guess it’s the render icon in the outliner. Could be that you don’t see the other icons. In that case you click on the filter icon, and switch them on;


Great… Thank you… I got it working now… appreciate your reply