Animating objects over blanket

I shot this video and I need to add these circular forms on top of the blanket. please see attached screenshot.

the orange circular forms will be animated in blender and they need to flow over the blanket surface realistically.

could anyone suggest the best approach to do this?

I am fairly new to blender, have been using it for 3-4 months.

thanks a lot,

You could create an object and use a Shrinkwrap modifier to make it stick to the surface, or, in the Shader Editor, use an Image Texture that you’ll make move with an empty?

solution #1 (Shrinkwrap):

solution #2 (Material)

thanks. how do you suggest I model the blanket, using a mesh and loops?

what do you mean by loop? You could use a Physics > Cloth, or try the Cloth brush in Sculpt mode, make sure that you have a large radius:


but will i be able to recreate the blanket exactly as it is in the video [see screenshot] using these methods?

the circular forms are to be an overlay on the video that I shot.

by loops i meant loop cuts.

If you want to be exactly as in your picture maybe you should do it in Sculpt mode or pulling vertices in Edit mode? Do you really need it to be exactly the same?

yes it has to be as similar as possible, otherwise it won’t look real when I do the overlay with the circular elements on the video.

please understand, the only thing i need to output is the circular elements. these will be overlayed onto the video of the blanket that I shoot.

yes but I guess it means that you need to recreate a shape that mimics the sheet shape? I must not be easy but maybe Sculpt is the easiest way to do it?

yes you are right i need to recreate the sheet. do you think sculpt is the best way? could you give more advice on this. working on meshes in edit mode will be too complex i guess.

this is camera mapping, I don’t know a lot about it actually, you need to put your photo as background, create a plane with a perspective close to the photo’s, then sculpt, I hope someone will give good advices

thankyou so much! hope someone else has more ideas.