animating objects

I want to give my character a headphone but he has to take it off.
What is the best way to animate loose objects like a headphone when I parent it to the head he can not take it off anymore.

how bout when you want him to take it off you unparent it…

Is that how animators work parent and unparent things?
For example when the character wants to pick up something you just have to parent it.
Ok thanks.
I am sorry for posting this on the wrong place on this forum should be under support.

You could “manually” parent the objects, animate to the point of pickup/release, manually unparent, etc, or use a copy location/rotation or ChildOf constraint.

Using one of the constraints, you can then use the Key button to keyframe the influence of the constraint.

I like to add an extra bone(s) parented to each of the character’s hand bones (parented but not connected), then use that “handholder” bone as the target of the constraint. This allows you to move the “holder” bone around to adjust for a better look.