Animating Oceans waves

I modeled an old wood sailship from 16 centuries

Now how do i go about making a sky and an ocean with waves
the when you press the Alt-A animation you can see the waves moves

Is it possible to do this in blender ?

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The best way to animate waves is to use an animated procedual texture for both displacment and bump mapping. The process involved is shown very well in one of Cogs’ tutorials.

When i click on the link it is showing a PDF file but it is not dowloading it ?


Thats odd, seems to work for me. Well here is the tutorial site, the seascape tutorial is at the very bottom of the page. Hopefully that will work for you.

OK i found a way around it

How do you get the color pic with special effect

Do we have to make a movie to get it

or can it be see with the render in Blender ?


I believe that it works fine in a still render, and if you aren’t making a movie, you can skip the last couple steps in the tutorial as they only apply to animations. That looks like a great tutorial i have to try it tomorrow now.

I dowloaded the PDf file for Ocean WAVES

the problem is that - this was written for 2.37 and there was enough changes with the 2.4b . Now i cannot find things around anymore - like waves effect ?

Which by the way seems to require that you first put a texture#1 - i think

So the PDF help but not clear at all using the 2.4B and it is very confusing.

The PDF shows waves that seems very nice and i would llike to reproduce these waves for the woodship i made

it would give an awsome new look to the woodship

I wish there would be a tutorial for the Sails - Like old woodship Ex: Ships of Jacque Cartier in 1534

I did review the softbody MPG butt even that seems to have change with the 2.4b

and there is not yet a new buide for the 2.4b - i jope it will be available soon!


for 2.4 hit F9 [Object mode] and under the ‘Add Modifiers’ buttons you’ll find Wave… Won’t see effect in Edit Mode…

Sorry i got loss again with this new 2.4B

after selecting the Grid

Object or edit mode ?

how do i get the particules and then the special menu for particules now ?

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