Animating on the walls

Somebody gave me the link and I feel I had to share it. For those of you who haven’t seen it, this guy turns grafitti into an animation form – all through the city.

Monumental work.

Thanks COJL - How’s the insomnivore project coming these days by the way ?

I know I left them a script; I don’t know what they did after that (I moved to a project of my own, together with a coworker with mad skills).

How’s the OWF doing these days?

We’ve steaming ahead, having lots of fun, parties, trips to exotic locations, all paid for by our sponsors ofcourse.

So what project have moved onto now ?

LOL. Say hi to CJ and all the folks for me, k?

So what project have moved onto now ?

Can’t say much about it, sorry.