Animating pages in a tornado

Hi i have a problem, i want to make pages blow in a tornado like movement. I have made this blend and i have used curves to do this. But i cant think of a way to make the paper deform natural.

The effect i want is something like this. Is it possible? Someone that maybe could help me? I am a newbie but i need this for school project in a music video. If you can help me, your name will be credited in the credits of course.

In the blend file it is just one page…

Is it another way to do this?

Check out the curve deformer in the blender manual online. It’s all you need.

Why not put the pages on to a path? Just like in that ribbon blend example that somebody just did.

What have you got so far? I’ll see if I can help. :slight_smile:

Ok, I just saw your blend file. You already did that. Paper needs some movement as well. I’ll do some tests to see if you get movement with and Armature or softbodies. I’ll get back to you in 24hrs.

What about the rest of the scene?

I tried using two empties, one vortex and one wind, end result not that good. Your’s is still the best solution.