Animating paper falling

What I would like to do is to animate a sheet of paper falling and twirling through the air.
I have tried using a plane with a curve modifier to get the paper to bend/roll as it falls, but this doesn’t produce a very physically realistic result. Is softbody and wind the way to go? I couldn’t get this to look right.
Any tips?

I find that I get better results with cloth than I do with softbodies. You might want to try that instead.
One method I use to make the cloth deformation less intense is weight painting the entire mesh a little bit and using it as cloth pinning.

Hmm, not sure if this is the best result, but I’d make the sheet of paper a cloth, with quite a bit of friction.
Next, make a twirly curve path, from top to bottom, zig-zagging. Have an empty blow a bit of wind from it, and have it follow the curve. =) Hope this helped!


Yes, thank you, the cloth is turning out better.

Now I have another novice problem: I can’t get the texture mapping right. The image I have as a texture is floating somewhat independently of the cloth, if you get what I mean. I have it set to ‘Orco’.

Yeah try unwrapping it and setting it to ‘UV’.

That was silly… : )
I didn’t realize one had to Unwrap flat planes.