Animating Parents

Hi! Is there a way to animate the parenting of an object? I’m animating something and I need it to follow something for part of the animation but not all of it. Is there a way to have an object have one parent in part of the animation and have no parent in the other? Thanks!

Parenting, no. But there is a “Child Of” constraint that acts much like parenting, and its Influence value can be animated. Other constraints can also be animated in this fashion, so it’s usually best to use the one that fits the need most efficiently. For example, a Copy Location constraint will let one object “follow” another, but without also constraining its rotation or scale.

Of course if the animation is broken into separate sequences, such as for different camera angles, then you can use two different files, one with & one without parenting. But that is very dependent on the specifics of your project.