Animating Pipeline - Sculpt

Hello all. I’m just getting wrapped up with a sculpt I’ve made for a character and I’m about to make some blendshapes in order to mocap animate it - I also want to make some wrinkle maps for it. The problem is, I have no idea what I’m doing past the sculpt stage.
Can any of you tell me what kind of pipeline is ordinary for this kind of process? After I’ve got the blendshapes made, I’m not sure what to do afterwards. Do I make a correctly topologised low-poly mesh and shrink-wrap it over each blend-shape? Should I have made my sculpt using a low-poly mesh? And how to mocap animate blendshapes and set up the shaders so that the wrinkle map shows?
I understand that this is a multi-aspected question, so what it be possible for any of you to point me to any tutorials that go through this kind of process?