Animating Procedural Textures?

I have been able to get certain effects by animating the offset via editing of the ipo curves, but can other parameters like turbulence and depth also animate somehow? Thanks!

You can manually add IPO curves for Ndepth and Turb, by selecting that item on the right side of the IPO window and Ctrl clicking where you want the IPO control points to be. see image:

Yes, thanks DichotomyMatt. But its just that I can’t seem to lock down the texture when animating size. It seems to do a simultaneous offset.

My guess is that you are using an IPO on the Noise size. It looks like changing the noise size causes the texture to recalculate thus making it random. Try instead to set IPO curves for the SizeX, SizeY, and SizeZ in the Material IPO. Easy way is to mouse over the Map input panel and use I / Size to set all three sizes at once.

Not bad! sizing the material instead of the texture made it less dramatic, but it still offsets, only in a less jolting way. Thanks