Animating rope winding around an object?

Basically, I am doing a product animation where I need to show a small piece of string wind around a cylinder. I’ve tried a few things without much luck.

Also, I’d prefer to have it appear as though the string is being held and wound around rather than growing along a path, but I could live with that if I could make it work right. Right now, all the “grow along path” solutions involve a taper, I need mine to remain a solid shape throughout.

What I am looking for is a push in the right direction rather than a full-blown tutorial (though if you have a link, I won’t turn it away). I know there must be a way, I think I just don’t see it :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated!

Do a search on Blender winch. I remember seeing a tutorial on that.

Atom- thank you. Looks like exactly what I was looking for!

The winch in action :