Animating scale of thousands of planes?

Hello, I was using in-game(using python for timing and other things) cutscenes for my project questverse, but I´m thinking of using the blender usual way of animating things, rendering the cutscene outside the game itself(to a file) and only then using it on the game.

I have an already finished space scene, with a lot of planes textured with stars; In python I just created a code which for each object named star would create a limit ¨grow¨ and ¨shrink¨(based on a given base value+randomness) values and would handle the plane current size based on that. I would like to know how to animate each of them in an easy way in blender, making their scale grow and shrink endless with a little random factor to simulate star shine(which isn´t constant, each star shines differently); also, is it possible for a blender regular animation to use a python script to influentiate something?

Thanks for any help regarding this.

if you already used python to do some object-manipulations,
maybe you should check the function_executed_every_framechange )

there is this …append to insert a function and there is …pop() to remove one.
Check for code-samples about this in the python-script-forum part.

Thanks for the answer! Now we know how to do it in blender together with python, but is there a blender only way(no coding) to animate one star plane scale, and apply this ipo to all star objects easily?

Link the appropriate data (whichever it is) between all instances.