Animating some parts not working

Not sure what subject it would be or if am in right area…

I was having issues with rigging my bones and getting them to work right..  I finally found a tutorial that I could understand and was able to rig my character with bones and bind the bones to the objects and posing them worked.. 

I finally thought I had it… not so …

 I created a character that had a body, neck, head, legs and feet...  the head was two parts.. the top of the head, and the area where the nose and mouth would be...   I created ears out of cones, I created eyes with two spheres each.. one for the white part of the eye and one for the black ..  created a nose.. put them all In place.. and joined them all together so if  moved the head, the eyes would move with it...  I added the bones and followed the steps in the tutorial I watched, setting them up, adding the inverse kinematics etc...   then I selected all objects,  went to Object, Apply, Rotation & Scale..  then selected the bones and did Ctrl+P and selected with auto weights..  all was good.. legs moved good but when I went to move the head, the head moved, but the eyes and nose did not..  I joined them to the head.. why did they not move with the head?  What am I missing?   

thanks for in advance for your help
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automatic weighting is not always the full solution. select the eyes by selecting a vertex of each loose part you wish to select, then hitting ctrl L ( select linked vertexes ). now in your object data buttons, go to the vertex group that is named after the bone you want your eyes to adhere to, and click ‘assign’. it should work now.

Thank you Modron, appreciate your reply… I will try that… am about to start working on my dog again to get it working… I hoping one day will get better at this… I ordered a couple books am hoping will help me… I will work at it and work at it til I solve it and if I post a question it’s because I have tried over and over and got stumped… so thank you so much for your help… am off to try it… If there is a particular book that would be really helpful let me know… I watch a lot of tutorials but some are a little confusing at times… I find it very helpful sometimes to use a written tutorial with steps… Watching a tutorial on video is good to see what it looks like, but sometimes the written steps are easier to follow… because as I read, I do the steps at the same time…
have a great day…

thank you thank you so much Modron… I just did your instructions and worked… appreciate your instructions… Have made note of it for future use… am very grateful for your help
have a really great day

You’re welcome. Glad it worked for you. I know what you mean about video tutorials. I feel the same way.