animating texture for movie and game

So, i plan to have scenes of characters acting in games.

Will be using animated textures and blendshapes, but what i am concerned is whether i have to, animate the texture first in blender with blendshapes, and then import it to the game engine…

Or do i animate the textures in the game engine right away?
i’m using unreal.
I guess this is more of a matter of workflow and importing/exports.

You can do the animation in the material in UE4. I don’t think texture animation can be exported with .fbx but I could be wrong. Are you sure you want to animate the textures instead of a mesh attached to a bone though? That method seems a bit easier. You could also check out flipbooks.

well, facial animation has never been easier with bones…
thanks! now i know about flipbook.

I could be wrong too about which one is easier but i kinda want to emulate a certain effect…like old games. and i’m better with drawing too.
What is this mesh attached to a bone? does it drive the texture animation