Animating Texture's on the IPO

I have run into a little snag, i have been using the IPO to animate textures for awhile now and i wanted to make a surface that is using more than one texture to get the desired effect i will need to animate both textures to move independently of each other, the problem is for some reason i can only animate the texture set in teh first position, ive tryed a few difrent things but they dont seem to work. (i know im missing somthing easy please help me out):spin:

In the IPO window header, just to the right of the rollout menu where you specify “Material” there is a box where you specify which texture channel the IPO affects. It’s probably zero right now, which is the first texture channel. Set it to 1 for the next channel, and so on. The tooltip for this box is “Channel Number of the active Material texture.”

Thanks a lot i knew it was easy lol your right on

(im making a portal using wood and marble on emit) looks awsome