Animating textures

Hi all this is a quick tutorial i made about animating textures on meshes to achive non photorealistic texture flickering. Hope you like it and it helps.

Any comments appreceated :smiley:
and what would you like to see next , thinking some shadow masking nodes.

I did not know you could do that.

Thanks Glad you learned something :smiley:

This is great! I don’t understand the part about outlines. You have two identical models occupying the same space?

Hi wallmaster! Thanks for sharing this technique.
I m newbie and i wanted to ask you few questions if you dont mind !
I saw that your trainman was flickering while still , was that because you combined 2 images/uv’s at the same time ?
Or did you just repeat the animation between frame 0 and 1 ?

Yes kind of , i explained it in my previous tutorial.
Basicaly you duplicate the mesh , scale it long its normals with (alt s) then flip normal with (ctrl n) then u can just add the animated texture and it looks like its being drawn.
link to previous video :

hope this helped

I dont know that i completly understand the question. but yes the trainface boy is basicaly a sprite sheet containing 2 images of the uvs side by side , being frames 0 and 1.
Image here

Origonal Uvs

breakdown of the trainface boy test

hope this answerd ur question :smiley:

Good tutorial! Thanks for this!

That’s clever! Thanks.

It’s great, thank you

Hic, gặp lại bạn hiền rồi, chúc may mắn nha

Very nice, thank you share

Something new for me) tnx!

Thanks a lot.
I was wondering, is it possible to control which frame is played in-game? For instance, play just the first frame by default, then make frame 2 play when triggered?