Animating the Camera

Hello all,
I have searched through numerous threads with my question to no avail. I was wondering if there is a way or a hack to animate the camera from orthographic to perspective?
I want to use it to zoom from a flat sheet of paper showing a site plan on a desktop to the actual 3d site plan.
Thanks in advance.

Hack, use two cameras and combine their results in the Sequence Editor.


Thanks for your prompt response.
I have tried that, and I have the beginning and end result of what I am aiming for. What I am looking for is a gradual effect from orthographic to perspective over the course of maybe 50 frames.

The Cross or GammaCross Effect applied to both strips (both strips must be selected when you add cross) will do it.


I wonder if you could fake this with a trombone shot, where you animate the focal length and truck the camera at the same time, all in perspective mode. Start with the highest possible Lens setting and set the camera far away from the object; finish up with the desired focal length and move the camera in to keep everything in frame. You’ll probably have to play with the IPO curves (linearize them?) to make everything match up without the camera wobbling.

I had tried the focal length and camera trucking, and there was something that wasn’t quite right with the finished animation, I couldn’t figure it out. Then I had an epiphany over the weekend to see if there was a key for the orthographic button (apparently not). But the cross gamma gives me exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you Fligh and CD38 for you attention to this.