Animating the Eyes of Sonic the Hedgehog

After notice many Sonic game models, I’ve wondered. How would one animate his eyes. Evidently they’re not 2 different spheres like a human, so how could one possible do eye movement with Sonic the Hedgehog? :confused:

The model isn’t even done of course, but I at least want to prepare it for the eye movement

thanx in advance


You can try using the shrinkwrap modifier on the eyes. It will probably be easiest if you separate the eyes from the head after the modeling is done.

I use lattices to deform the eyes :

Thanks you so much for your replies. I never thought of that! Both are great ideas I’ll check out. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

I would have thought that Sonic’s eyes were textured on, and that you would just animate the UV placement.

yea me too, but in Most games it appears as if Sonic’s Iris’ have depth.

I myself would +1 on that recommendation.

The way Sonic’s pupils (or is it irises?) move around and change size, maybe the best way to go is to have a boolean cutting the shape into the white eye ball. I mean, if you don’t “apply” the boolean, you can move the cutting shapes around, and even keyframe them. A transparent eye ball (with refraction?) just outside of the white one, which isn’t being cut into with a boolean, might make the eye look better.

yeah but boolean is very slow

how’d you do? success?

+1 for lattices!