Animating the influence factor or a driver?

Hi there,

I am using a driver to make a wheel turn when you push the armature the wheel is connected to along the floor - so the wheel has a driver that rotated when the armature is moved.

But in one place along the timeline, i want to switch that driver off so I can animate the wheel’s rotation by hand (when the armature is not being pushed along).

I was expecting to be able to animate the influence of the driver - so put it to zero at the point i want to cease the driver’s power over the wheel, but found you cannot animate driver influence. SO then I tried keyframing the wheel to see if that will override the driver but it seems the driver had locked the wheel in place.

Anyone got a way to do this?

Put a third object, put a driver on it, copy its rotation and animate that/copy rotation influence. That is a untested idea i think should work.

is it for animation or for game engine?

I could use

Dist = circumference of wheel

Start = Empty.worldPosition
Current = own.worldPosition
Dist2 = own.getDistanceTo(Start)
Rot =Dist2/Dist
Deg =Rot * 360 //this needs to be euler to rotted or converted into a rotation matrix angle
Rot2 =own.worldOrientation.copy()// from frame 0
RotFinal = Rot2+Rot

my math may be a bit rusty.