Animating the material properties of an object in a particle system


I try to animate the material properties of an object and then use this object as a particle. I keyframe alpha and material color. The problem is that the material properties are not applied in respect to the lifetime of the particle, but in absolute time. So I fade out the alpha of the material applied to the particle-object and as a result all patricles fade out at the same time. I also animated the size of the object, which behaves as expected. Every Particle grows relative to it’s lifetime.

I’ve also read about the billboard example, but i cant use this, as I’m using an object as particle. Do I also need to apply a blend texture in some way? If yes, could someone give me a detailed explanation on how to do it? And also how to change the colors in respect to the particle lifetime.


hi luismaie
i have exactly the same question and I think I also heard about to use a blend-texture somehow, but I don´t know how. Did you find out yet?

Yep, welcome the woefully inadequate implementation of particles in 2.49.

Here is a way to colorize particles as they move through the scene. The empty is used as the location of a color ramp projection against the particle system. As the particles gain height, they change color (set in the color ramp texture of the cube). So it is not related to age other than the coincident that particles farther away from the emitter are actually older.

You can’t see the effect until you actually render the scene. They won’t change color in the viewport.


ras_particle_column_color_ramp_1b.blend (497 KB)

thank you atom for your example
how behaves 2.5 in terms of this topic? has anyone tried this right now?