Animating the pinning of a cloth object?

Is it possible to animate the pinning of a cloth object so that it is no longer pinned down after a few frames? I’m trying to animate a collision object pulling on a pinned down cloth object and have the cloth detach. I’ve tried inserting keyframes on the pinning checkbox in the cloth properties, but when I play back the simulation the cloth remains pinned for the entire animation. The properties show that pinning is no longer active after the specified frame, but it has no effect on the actual pinning of the cloth object.

I had to do this not long ago, and it appears that you cannot animate pinning. (You can animate it, but it won’t have any effect)

The best (only) solution I found was to pin the cloth within an object (not actual pinning, just trapping some vertices inside), and then hide that object to make the cloth drop.

Another solution might be to parent or constrain the pinned cloth to an object or objects that you then animate to have the pinned areas move appropriately. Pinned verts will respond to another modulating influence like an armature or constraint, since they don’t have to act like cloth.

I did this with Dave’s Sling, to simulate the weight of the ammo keeping the sling extended.

Thanks. Hooks seem to do what I need since the cloth is pinned on two opposite ends.