Animating to a sound file?

Is there a way to have a sound file loaded into the Blender project so that it can be used a reference, to get timings etc right? This seems to be especially important for lip syncing. If someone could tell me what the strategy is for this, I would really appreciate it. I am coming from Truespace, where there was a plugin called “Cacaphony”, that allowed you to play an animation and hear the sound at the same time.

Thank you


yep, change any window to a sequence editor (shift+F8). there you can add an audio strip (SHIFT+A >> Audio). once added, go to the audio buttons and activate “Sync” and “scrub” for that audio sample. dragging the frame-slider or pressing Alt+A will now play the audio.


Erm…sorry to ask this, but how do I get to the audio buttons? Oh, and how do you change the time axis to read “Frames” rather than time in seconds?

Thanks again for your help!


I found the “sync” and “scrub” buttons, much gratitude, this is exactly what I want. The more time I spend with Blender, the more thrilled I become with it. I never dreamed I could have so much functionality in a 3D program, without spending 1000’s. My remaining question is how to change the time axis to frames rather than seconds.


… in which window? in the sound-timeline right-click and… you’ll see

So I add a sound file in the sequencer window, then I go to the audio timeline window where that soundfile is now available to add in. Then I can have the axis as frames, and I have the scrub and sync on, works beautifully now. Thank you for all your help solmax!!


Wow! I never realised Blender did this!


However I have a problem Im trying to render the sequence saving it in a avi-divx file the animation looks ok but I cant hear any sound, what can I do to save a file qith sound?

I’m pretty sure I read that blender cannot (yet) mix sound in with the movie. This is what I intend to do. Animate the movie within blender, using the audio file to get the timings right. Then using a Movie Editor, such as MAGIX movie edit pro, use the exact same .wav file and mix it down with the silent .avi from Blender. I would use a RAW AVI format for this, and do the compression in the movie editor.


virtual dub will do. simply render your animation (avi or image sequence), and press “mixdown” to export all sounds used in a single wav file of the length of your animation. throw it into VD, hit export avi and you’re done.

solmax wrote:

press “mixdown” to export all sounds used in a single wav file of the length of your animation

where is the newly created sound file created and where do you assign a name to this file?

also, r u restricted to 16bit mono for the wav files? I read this somewhere but I was able to import 16bit stereo files.

i assume to the same directory that the animation uses (render directory).

thank you, (thumbnail view in explorer threw me!)