Animating to music. Mickey mousing and other methods of movement in time with music

A very short guitar piecewith lots of particles and models which ‘mickey mouse’ (change shape in time with music) rendered within Blender

Hunting Robot Hussy is slightly longer and has multiple path driven animations, little details that you may not spot on first viewing, and lots of color changes linked to the music. Used Blender render which is fast.

Zooming into a table top to reveal a town being built in this fantasy to music. Blender render. Also using photo backgrounds.

Just under 2 minutes of orchestral music rendered in cycles which is so much slower. The scene ends as it begins but is a series of variations from simple geometry to space flight.

A quick exercise in animated photos and shining objects to a short piece called True Love

The next animation which should be finished in the first week of June 2015.

Nice. Those would be cool to watch at Omnimax in 3D