Animating to SWF

I’ve been attempting to export some animation to flash using the Sflender script. I’ve mainly been crashing, and even when I don’t I get junk ouput. Is there a newer/better plugin or method for putting animation out to Flash? Or could someone explain how they are getting decent output from the Sflender plugin?


i wish they would up date that script…
recently i started animating each fram as a jpeg and iporting the sequence into flash that way but it doesnt feel the same.

GAH! just encode a .flv!

i will have to google that and give that a shot

the flash video encoder is one of the things you get with flash [not the plugin… the actual application]… it can do much better than a sequence of jpegs

GAH! nothin’, going the non-Macromedia free route, us linux monkeys have a bit of work to do, to get .flv to work, whereas Windows monkeys can just grab Riva’s (free) FLV Encoder and OSX monkeys can grab ffmpegX if they don’t already have it… we on the other hand have to nab all the relevant, goofy-named AMR codecs from 3GPP and do some source mods to FFmpegCVS