Animating tornado

How to make an animating tornado?

How to make a tornado can be animated as well?

simplest way, IMHO: model it, give it an animated texture (for simulating the spinning) and the use lattice deforming for making the tornado twist… should be quite easy to do!

maybe an animated cone like mesh - lots of verts with a halo cloud texture

How do i rotate it? I can only rotate 360 degrees once. When i try to do another turn it didn’t work.

You need to open up an IPO Curve Editor window, and from the Curve menu item, (ensure that the Rotation curves are selected), then select ‘Extend Mode’ > Extrapolation.

Another option might be to use particles with a vortex field type perhaps, depending on how capable your computer is. Haven’t tried it; just throwing another option out there for you.

I would suggest using a particle system with vortex to simulate the stuff flying around it, just make sure they are as dull as you can get them.

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