animating transparency?

Hi there,

I just wondered if anyone know a way to develop animated transparency but only for specific faces. I just wanted to try if I could make one side of a box gradually disappearing. I have applied two materials to the box and tried to animate the transparency at only one of them(I am not sure that I did on the right way, seems like I didn’t :)).
So it didn’t work and it has been applied to the whole cube.
Is there any way to do this or I need to have the “animating” side of the box from a separate mesh?
thanks for any answer…

see Multiple Materials in the wiki. You used the same material for each material index.

Select the material index you want to fade away, then go to the material panel and make it single user. Make that material fade away. As you scroll thru the materials for the object on the Materials panel, there has to be different materials for each 1 Mat 2 and 2 Mat 2.

That’s great. I didn’t know this “single user” trick. I should check in the wiki what it does exactly. But it works fine anyway.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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