Animating UV Texture image changes in 2.49b

I am working on a project in which the image mapped to one of an objects surfaces must change from one image to another (for example: a pic of a tree shows on the top of a cube until frame 45, then it changes to a pic of a squirrel). I have been tooling around in the ipo menu’s under textures and under materials, but when I change the UV map (whether in materials buttons, edit mode, or otherwise) it applies the new image to the entire animation and not just the frames I need it to change for. Furthermore when I keyframe the event, I get no curves in the ipo window, timeline or action editor. I imagine I must be missing something fairly obvious, and hope that this is possible and doesn’t require adding such changes in an editor such as AfterEffects!

Thanks for any help in advance, and I surely hope this is possible without needing to switch to 2.5x. The interface changes have thrown me off there, and not being used to them I don’t have time to relearn it as I have a deadline!

Why don’t you have two objects each with the different UV and Keyframe their visibility.

Because I had not thought to do that, actually, and thank you! It would definitely work for my immediate purposes, but is there a way to animate image changes in uv textures?

Super quick look at 2.5x UI changes:-

That is quite helpful! Thank you! I plan on familiarizing myself with the new interface as I seem to be seeing many blogs and tutorials claiming that once I do so, I won’t go back. But when you have to beat a deadline, it’s best to stick with what you’re familiar with, so for the time being 2.49b is my tool.

I had to do that in 2.49b once.
I applied two textures to the material and then animated the textures COL value.
So it either shows texture A, texure B, or both.

I spent pretty much half my day or more on this and have not been able to successfully accomplish the task. I’m thinking I must be keyframing the wrong thing(s), as nothing manages to change the uv texture from image A to image B.I either get one or the other, and when trying two objects where one is visible and the other is not, I lose all texturing and material completely and end up with a black shape where the object(s) should be. If anyone has a step-by-step way of doing this I could read (link, etc.) I would very much appreciate the assist.


I ended up creating an avi of the changes and applying that as a UV texture. Seems the easiest solution.